Association Management

Granite Properties of Texas has many years of comprehensive condominium management experience for both residential and commercial associations.  From this experience, it is able to help Boards develop a management program and plan that best meets the needs of their Association.

Day-to-Day Services

With full service management, our staff coordinates and directs all service contracts and on-site staff.  Our on-demand maintenance and porter staff can be scheduled to provide just what’s needed to maintain a property.  The Property Manager creates preventive maintenance plans, makes regular visits to the property and provides assistance with after-hour emergencies.

Budget and Financial Reporting Services

Each year we prepare an extensive and detailed budget for the Association.  This budget also includes a comprehensive approach of the reserve replacement needs of the Association.  From these documents Boards are able to timely and efficiently adopt a budget for the forthcoming year.  In addition, we also provide regular operating reports, on a monthly or quarterly basis, which detail the ongoing operations of the Association.  The income and expense reports provide detailed comparative budget information on a summary and detailed basis.  We also provide a balance sheet, general ledger, check register, detailed delinquent reports and other reports as may be needed by the client.

Administrative Services

We provide administrative and support services to the Board through the coordination and assistance with mail-outs and notices to the general membership.  We also work with individual unit owners regarding needs or questions involving the Association.